Adhesive Label/Tag

EPL self-adhesive labels with gloss coating for the identification of electrical components, control panels, buttons, connection boards, etc. They are highly resistant to scratching and rubbing. They are also resistant to alcohols, lubricants and oils. The labels are flexible, with exceptionally high adhesion, and will attach securely on to uneven surfaces.

Specifications :

MaterialFoam backed polyester with permanent acrylic adhesive

PrintThermal transfer

Working Temperature
from -50 °C to 135 °C

Features :

  • Good scratch, dirt and rub resistance
  • Excellent print resistance to UV radiation
  • High adhesion, suitable for uneven surfaces
  • Available colours: white, yellow, silver
  • Good resistance to alcohol and diesel
  • Glossy topcoat for an elegant and professional look
  • Compliant with ROHS and REACH