Description Of Application

The management of the physical locations, maintenance and movement of fixed assets/capital goods. Reliable Asset tracking software, which uniquely maintains each asset, & tagging each asset with Physical cubical location, which is also, barcoded. Giving Details of the AMC/Warranty & repair asset details & maintaining FA register.

Business Problems

A large investments in fixed assets. It is in the best interest of the company if it has accurate accounting of the location of the assets for maintenance and usage. The absence of tracking system inhibits full utilization of assets. Manual tracking systems are cumbersome and difficult to use without strong dedication of the Management team and the employees, thus manual system may fail.

Benefits Of Automated Data Collection

  • Eases the data collection component of the asset tracking & auditing. When data collection is easy, the system is more likely to be used and therefore more likely to contain meaningful information.
  • Ensures assets are maintained in a timely manner assuring their long life and usability. Since all the asset are easily identifiable with its physical presence including the location, better the asset utilization factor & accountability. With this system even the space management can be done effectively.
  • How Barcode Products Are Used

  • Using a PC-based database and a small crossbar network, a barcode printer is used to print serial number labels for each asset while Mobile Handheld Units are used to collect the data. The printer is stocked with tamper-resistant custom designed labels to resist wear & tear when asset is deployed for usage.
  • Each portable is equipped with built in laser scanner.
  • For asset libraries (like a tool room), a fixed-mount laser scanner can be used for self-checkout.
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