Datalogic QBT 2500

DATALOGIC ADC, QUICKSCAN QD2590, KIT, 2D MPIXEL IMAGER, USB/RS-232/WEDGE MULTI-INTERFACE, BLACK (KIT INCLUDES SCANNER, USB CABLE 90A052258 AND STAND STD-AUTFLX-QD25-BK).The QuickScan 2500 2D imager is a reliable device to have at the POS check-out. Its prompt readings are useful for barcodes that are hard-to-read, poorly printed, or damaged. In addition, it can scan mobile devices and through plexiglass barriers. All this is available at an affordable price. The market trend towards 2D barcodes has clearly spread across the whole data capture industry, with an increased need for 2D scanning at POS check-outs and mobile phone displays and loyalty cards being relied on more and more.

Specifications :

Scanning Technology
1D, 2D



Device Model
Quickscan 2500

Features :

  • Datalogic’s scanners provide extreme precision to the operator at any time, facilitating their job by clearly showing where the scanner is pointing.
  • The QW model has an intuitive blue dot, while the QD, QM, and QBT models have an outstanding aimer made of two blue sharply-defined triangles
  • Datalogic’s ‘Green Spot’ technology then confirms the good read, perfectly centered on the barcode and between the two triangles, backed up by a powerful beeper that can be adjusted to your preferred level of sound.
  • Datalogic’s QuickScan 2500 provides the broadest choice of radio communication with Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System (QM models) or Bluetooth wireless technology (QBT models), to best manage delivery even in times of shortage of Bluetooth micro-chips.
  • STAR radio provides clear communication without interference, low sensitivity to obstacles, avoiding delays and increasing productivity, particularly in busy environments with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • The QuickScan 2500 series features the distinctive design and family feeling of the Datalogic general purpose handheld scanners. A variety of stands and accessories are available to best fit in any in-store environment.