Retsol D5025 BT

It is a cost effective, High performance 2D Barcode Scanner. Combines easeofusewith consistent reading. Provides Consistent Performance and High speed Reading in applications demanding both 1D and2DBarcodescanning.Scans2DBarcodes from mobile screen for Mobile Payment or couponsrelatedapplications.

Specifications :

Light Source Performance Features Scan Rate:640
Shock Resistance:1.5 m
Maximum Motion Tolerance :25 inch/sec
Pitch Tolerance:65 degree
Skew Tolerance: 60 degree
Roll Tolerance:360 degree
Maximum Light Immunity:100 lx
Other Performance Features: 1D, 2D
Power Features: Operational Voltage

Features :

  • Model Number : D-5025BT Android & Window
  • Supported Interfaces: Bluetooth V4.0, USB
  • Scanner Type:Bi-Directional
  • Housing Type: Handheld
  • Operational Modes: Android, Windows
  • Color:Black
  • Model name:D-5025 BT
  • Prompt Up to 25in
  • Material : Plastic