Zebra DS4608

If you’re looking for extraordinary flexibility and performance in your handheld scanner, the next-generation scanning technology in the DS4608 delivers. Its truly extraordinary range does the job of two scanners, allowing you to scan nearer and farther than any other scanner in this class. Your workers can scan virtually any barcode. The DS4608 does it all — 1D or 2D, electronic or printed on paper labels or plastic cards, even if the barcode is dirty, scratched or poorly printed. With PRZM Intelligent Imaging inside, your workers can capture barcodes as fast as they can pull the scan trigger. And that means no more Point-of-Sale exceptions that can turn into longer lines, longer wait times and lost sales. The DS4608 — a new class of scanner for a new world of barcodes.

Specifications :

connectivityIncluded Cables USB cable and stand
Interfaces Supported USB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge, RS485 (IBM 46xx), SSI
Light Source Aiming pattern:617 nm LED Illumination: 660 nm LEDs
Imager Field of View 36° (H) x 22.5° (V)
Pitch±65 degree
Roll ±360 degree
Yaw ±60 degree
Print Contrast Ratio (Minimum) 20% minimum reflective difference

Features :

  • Resets the bar for 2D imaging by improving decode performance and snappiness, dramatically improving the user experience, user productivity, throughput, and customer wait times
  • Workers can scan 1D, 2D, and PDF417 bar codes, in any condition, printed on paper labels or displayed on mobile devices or computer screens
  • The megapixel engine delivers the resolution required for longer-distance scanning, clear photos, sharp signatures, and more accurate OCR data
  • Built to survive a 6-foot/1.83 meter drop to concrete, the DS4308-SR/DL/HD delivers reliable operation despite the inevitable everyday knocks and mishaps
  • Includes: CBA-U21-S07ZAR shielded USB Cable, 20-71043-04R stand, Black